If I had found The Chamber earlier, I would have helped myself as a veteran player. The Chamber understands baseball and what the sport demands. The coaches are expert at making progress and also recovery and injury prevention. The Chamber helps me stay strong and safe after years of play.”

– Luis Castillo

x3 time All-Star
x3 Gold Glove Award
x2 NL stolen base champion


The Xceler8 Performance training methodologies works in conjunction with our nutritional team and physical therapists. This approach systematically prepares our athletes for the demands of spring training and beyond. Combining all facets of baseball relevant athletic performance with optimal recovery and regeneration strategies is our goal. This increases the likelihood of our athletes spending more time on the field and less time on the PT table. Creating a comprehensive team to compliment our abilities, The Chamber has strategically partnered with accomplished muscle activation therapists, chiropractors, massage and stretch therapists.



Setting & Atmosphere

The Chamber offers a perfect setting for collegiate and pro-baseball athletes to make significant developments in the off-season. We understand what it takes to sustain a productive performance during a long and grueling season, it’s our attention to detail that keeps our athlete’s healthy and active.

The Chamber combines state-of-the-art equipment & technology with an extensive knowledgebase to perform proven training protocols that ensure our athletes are the most prepared they have ever been. Whether you’re an all-star or a new draft pick, The Chamber is a one-stop shop for the complete development of a baseball player’s physical conditioning and performance enhancement.

MLB Training Camp

All inclusive options include: housing, performance training, nutritional optimized meals, postseason injury assessment, supplementation, recovery massage, stretching, extremity adjustments, and yoga & vision/reaction training

All a-la-carte training options include: performance training (strength, speed, power & flexibility, entry movement competency screening and performance proficiency testing) supplementation, recovery massage, stretching and yoga

Training at the Chamber was an excellent experience. Every day the coaches had intent to make us better athletes. I saw great improvements in myself and felt strong, healthy and powerful when I left for spring training.”

– Jhonny Peralta

St.Louis Cardinals
X2 All-Star