From its inception, this facility has been designed to create the perfect intersection between world-class equipment and proven training methodologies.” – Andy Hanley

The Chamber

Welcome to The Chamber, South Florida’s premiere elite level athletic performance, youth and adult fitness training and therapy facility.

The Chamber provides:

  • Integrated performance
  • Nutritional Training and Physical Therapy
  • Services for professional, amateur, collegiate, high school and youth athletes
  • Fitness options for business executives and industry professionals

The Chamber, powered by Xceler8 performance, offers some of the most comprehensive performance enhancement and personal training in the nation for athletes/clients looking to elevate their game and improve their quality of life.

Our Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, focused on our youth/HS athletes, will seek to develop their athletic potential alongside biological growth and sensitive developmental periods.

Our adult fitness clients will be exposed to the same training protocols and systems used to develop our professional athletes. The Chamber’s results-driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals, whether they involve sports performance, weight loss or a healthier lifestyle.

When you enter The Chamber you become ELITE!” – Chris Chambers

The Chamber Philosophy

Our philosophy at the Chamber is solely focused on producing strong, healthy, dominant athletes that will not only withstand the rigors of training and competition, but also excel in performance.

We train our athletes and clients based on the best current evidence from peer-reviewed research and professional reasoning. We believe exposure to scientifically sound training and movement protocols will assist in the development of competent individuals, permitting them to move confidently, enhancing their performance while reducing the chance of injury.

Whether you are a first-time youth athlete just joining a team, a busy professional wanting to lose weight, a draft prospect trying to prepare for the NFL Combine or a professional player preparing for the season, we have the training program and the expertise to design a plan to fit your needs.

Our Mission
The Chamber Mission

To deliver our athletes, clients and the community an elite training experience utilizing the most credible, ethical and comprehensive training methods and systems of performance enhancement, physical therapy and nutritional science. To provide a standard of excellence in customer service that exceeds our athletes and clients’ expectations.