The Chamber goal is to provide early exposure to scientifically sound training protocols that will assist in the development of healthy, competent youth athletes that will perform confidently and excel in a wide range of physical activities and sporting situations.


9-13 (Team Elev8)

As mentioned, scientific literature supports the notion that ‘‘windows of opportunity’’ exist at certain maturation levels amongst males/females that both accelerate and enhance areas of physical development. At The Chamber, we do our best to exploit these windows in an attempt to help our athletes fulfill their potential.

Our training systems start to “build the engine,” so to speak. Once a foundation is in place, we will begin to develop the raw, primal speed, strength, and power our methodologies are designed for.


14–18 (Team Domin8)

The Chamber takes pride in our Xceler8 Performance Training Systems (XPTS). These training systems have successfully guided many of the nation’s top college recruits to the professional level while supporting many current professional athletes in their efforts to increase both career productivity and longevity.

Team Domin8 will receive full exposure to our movement-based systems, which will help bridge the gap between weight room gains and on-field performance thereby building better athletes!

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1-on-1 personal training at Chamber Fitness will have you matched up with one of our highly educated and motivating coaches. You will have the flexibility to schedule your session on any day that works best for you. This program will push you to your new maximum as an athlete or simply get you into the best shape of your life.

Number of Sessions

Price per session (Head coach $150/session) – Standard coach:

1-on-1 Group of 2 Group of 3
12 $85/session $100/session $120/session
24 $75/session N/A N/A
36 $75/session N/A N/A
*includes three free massages

Contact us to find out about discounts and savings that may be available for you! Families, civil/public servants and military may be eligible to receive a discount, and you can even rack up savings by making early payments!