Rashad Greene, NFL Combine 2105

Combine Training Video 2015

Every day is game day at the Chamber during Combine season. A short window of opportunity exists before our athletes have to report to Indianapolis, so we have amassed an army of people dedicated to support their every need. We have an unbelievable responsibility to serve our athletes for this, the biggest job interview of their lives. They will leave us in the best position possible to put their best foot forward at Combine, secure their place as an NFL Rookie and put millions of dollars in their pockets. Our programs are designed to help prospective NFL players maximize this final opportunity to improve their draft status. Each athlete will receive the necessary individual attention to detail to ensure goals are met and results achieved. After initial performance screenings, coaches work with athletes in small groups. Utilizing the results of these tests, they customize training sessions to strengthen areas of weakness and instability while building overall strength, speed, power, and greater movement abilities.



At The Chamber, you train with the pros to be a pro. Owned by former NFL wide receiver, Chris Chambers, our goal is to get you ready for professional sports. We target speed, strength, position-specific work, nutrition and regeneration as part of our combine training.

  • Speed: Forty yards to a number that sticks with you for life.
  • Strength: Xceler8 Performance implements a world-class strength training program that is customized for you by you Chamber coach Andy Hanley.
  • Position-specific work: All Chamber performance athletes are drilled on their individual position work for the combine.
  • Nutrition: One of the fundamental keys to your overall success and performance.
  • Regeneration: Active recovery through our planned “Regen” sessions is critical to athletic
    success and is the limiting factor to improved performance.
  • MAA: Develop better hand skills and footwork as well as improve your center of gravity
    and increase your peripheral vision.

At The Chamber, we don’t stop there, we also offer Martial Arts Athletics as a component of our facility.
Martial Arts Athletics bridges the gap between martial arts and the athlete by focusing on the plain of movement that applies to the direct activity of sports. MAA will improve an athlete’s footwork, balance, agility, speed, hand-eye coordination, distancing, timing, calm alertness and overall focus.

Physical & massage therapy are also provided as well as chiropractic care, nutrition & meal planning and more.