Sloane Stephens, WTA

K’Waun Williams, NFL


Pre-Eval, Screen and Program Design

The Chamber offers integrated performance training, nutrition and physical therapy support for all professional and collegiate level athletes looking to maximize performance (Productivity) and minimize injury risk (Longevity). Pre-season, post-season and in-season maintenance programs are all available and tailored to the athlete’s current needs as well as demands of the sport.


At The Chamber current and past professional athletes are a regular-on-the-scene. The reason being is that our curriculum encompasses that of the standards set by the most experienced athletes in the world, bar none.

Chris Chambers and his highly qualified trainers and crew pride themselves in setting the precedent for having the latest state-of-the-art-equipment, a combined knowledge base from a-to-z in the elite athletic performance arena and the resources to offer health and nutritional value to their clients. The essentials: speed, strength, position-specific-work, regeneration and The Chamber-chosen Martial Arts Athletics component, all offer our clients a competitive advantage.

Pro-OTA Sports is a sub division of The Chamber representing Professional Organized Training Activity. The Chamber’s Pro-OTA sessions include fundamental skills development with an emphasis on agility, balance, coordination, and speed. Focusing on position-specific work with professional standards, and trainers, provides a competitive edge for all athletes. These trainings are more specialized for the sport and its positions.

Check out some of our professional athlete clients #CHAMBERMADE

NFL – Michael Vick (Pittsburgh Steelers)

NFL – Wes Welker

NFL – Brandon McGee (St. Louis Rams)

NFL – K’ waun Williams (Cleveland Browns)

NFL – AL Luis Jean (Chicago Bears)

NFL – Jason Trusnik (Carolina Panthers)

NFL – Adrien Robinson (NY Giants)

NHL – Jayson Megna (New York Rangers)

MLB – Hanley Ramirez (Boston Red Sox)

MLB – Rafael Furcal (Miami Marlins)

MLB – Jhonny Peralta (St. Louis Cardinals)

MLB – Jeff “Mr. Marlin” Conine (Former MLB)

MLB – Luis Castillo (Former MLB)

WTA – Sloane Stephens (USA)

WTA – Eugenie Bouchard (Newcomer of the Year)

MLL – Chazz Woodson (Ohio Machine)

Baseball Off-Season

The Chamber offers a perfect setting for collegiate and pro-baseball athletes to make significant developments in the off-season. We understand what it takes to sustain a productive performance during a long and grueling season, it’s our attention to detail that keeps our athlete’s healthy and active.

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NFL Combine

Every day is game day at the Chamber during Combine season. A short window of opportunity exists before our athletes have to report to Indianapolis, so we have amassed an army of people dedicated to support their every need. We have an unbelievable responsibility to serve our athletes for this, the biggest job interview of their lives. They will leave us in the best position possible to put their best foot forward at Combine, secure their place as an NFL Rookie and put millions of dollars in their pockets. Our programs are designed to help prospective NFL players maximize this final opportunity to improve their draft status. Each athlete will receive the necessary individual attention to detail to ensure goals are met and results achieved. After initial performance screenings, coaches work with athletes in small groups. Utilizing the results of these tests, they customize training sessions to strengthen areas of weakness and instability while building overall strength, speed, power and greater movement abilities. >Find out more


Pre-Eval, Screen and Program Design

The Chamber welcomes athletes who are in-between teams but knocking on the door. Success is where hard work meets opportunity! Work hard for us and we will ensure you are game-ready for when the next opportunity presents itself.

Former Pro's

Pre-Eval, Screen and Program Design

Former Pro’s looking to remain fine-tuned as they embark on their second career in this game of life. Looking to remain in shape, resolve old irksome injuries or just simply missing the old locker room feel… We’ve got you covered!