Xceler8 Performance is the embodiment of the methodologies and training systems that power the Chamber. These systems are ever evolving and based on the best current evidence from peer reviewed research and professional reasoning.

Xceler8 Performance adopts a dynamic, flexible, systems-based approach to training—allowing for the development and safe implementation of effective and efficient performance programming. The Chamber knows what it takes to assist our clients in maximizing their genetic potential and achieving successful goals. What worked for them today will not get the job completed tomorrow. It is vitally important in the ever-increasing competitive sporting arena that our coaches and systems do not accept status quo, but remain open-minded to new performance-proven concepts that will seamlessly integrate within our frameworks and help underpin future performance programming.

Physical Assessment and Evaluations

The assessment and evaluation procedure provides initial baseline data, enabling our coaches to monitor and track progress that will help drive all program designs. Any current or existing injuries beyond our expertise will be recorded and referred to our medical partners including physical therapists, chiropractic and extremity specialists as well as the massage therapy team.

The evaluation process (if applicable) will be a full assessment of muscle, joint and movement patterns. A full kinetic chain evaluation will be administered statically (non-moving) before transitioning to a more dynamic sport-specific environment.

  •  Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  •  Body composition assessments
  •  Biomechanical musco-skeletal evaluation
  •  Max heart rate and VO2 energy system tests
  •  Sport-specific performance tests