Lee Evans

Age 31 / Wisconsin University
Sport: Wide Receiver for Jacksonville Jaguars

Training at The Chamber has regenerated my strength and conditioning, specifically for my position on the field even at this later stage in my career. The training staff was knowledgeable in all facets of human performance, this included nutrition and massage therapy.

The quality of the training equipment in The Chamber is the highest I have ever seen in 10 years of sport training. The seamless transition between agility, speed, and strength exercises, helped my workout flow so that I can do more in less time.

Tara Harbert

Age 28 / University of Hawaii
Sport: USA Olympic Baseball and Softball

Jeff Warner

Age 20 / Florida International University
Sport: Football, Track & Field

Overall I’m impressed with the facility, it’s clean and the trainers are friendly, they are technical and help you improve on the little things that will help make the difference in your game. As a wide receiver, I recommend people who want to get faster come train here.

This place is really helpful, it’s better than just my high school coaching us. My time for my 48yard dash has improved within a week. The Chamber is a great environment to be around, they are friendly but it’s a extremely good workout. I’m always sore the next day.

Delanie Welier

Age 15 / St. Thomas Aquinas
Sport: Lacrosse and Tennis

Christina Wittmeier

Age 17 / St. Thomas Aquinas
Sport: Lacrosse and Tennis

I think this place is great and the resources that they have are incredible. I’ve learned a lot about how to train without getting injured. The trainers are easy to talk to and they even give me meal plans. The chiropractor is great.

This place is wonderful for people wanting to go to the next level. They truly care about me as an athlete, if I’m hurt, they’ll fix it. The workouts are new and challenging, I’ve learned a lot. The trainers really care.

Taylor Berry

Age 17 / St. Thomas Aquinas
Sport: Lacrosse and Cheerleading

Brian Gooze

Age 14 / Lake Steven Middle School
Sport: Football

I think this place is great, challenging workouts and the equipment is cool, I like the bikes. I feel good because I learned how to lift weights and learned a lot of stuff.

It was awesome, the trainers were great with us, the gym technology and the systems are amazing. In one week I’ve already gotten faster than I was, they showed me the fundamentals and worked me hard till I was sore the next morning. I’ve been to other places and there’s no comparison. The trainers are much better, they know what they’re talking about.

Nicholas Dorn

Age 13 / Silver Trail Middle School
Sport: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Golf

Caleb Kengkeng

Age 11 / Renaissance Charter School at Plantation
Sport: Travel Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Soccer

The Chamber camp helped me run faster and more, I feel stronger. I learned how to run better and how to exercise, it was a lot of fun too.